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"Worth every penny!" -Jill H.

Best Life Bundle

  • When you are low on vital nutrients, your body doesn’t have what it needs to repair and rebuild. When you give your body the tools to do what it is designed to do, suddenly everything changes.

    That is why I have put together my Best Life Bundle. This bundle contains the five most important supplements that I recommend to all my patients due to their far reaching, combined benefits.

    Daily Probiotic is a highly potent (50 billion CFU), shelf-stable, dairy-free probiotic formula specifically designed for maximum uptake and effectiveness. It contains 10 of the most highly-researched probiotic strains which are a key component of optimum gut health.

    Daily Omegas provides you with an extra dose of essential fatty acids that are used by every cell in your body. This is why the benefits of a high quality, high dose fish oil can be so far reaching. From improving brain and heart health to lowering the inflammatory response in the body, adding these essential fats to your daily regime is a must.

    Daily Vitamin E Isomers contain the perfect blend of vitamin E’s natural delta and gamma tocotrienols (the latest in advancements for this nutrient) which means it can provide big benefits to your health. Don’t be fooled. This is a far cry from the low quality synthetic vitamin E that was being promoted a few decades ago and is still available on some pharmacy shelves. This vitamin E is sourced directly from annatto seeds. Annatto seeds contain 100% tocotrienols (90% delta and 10% gamma) which work to protect all thirty trillion cells in your body, delivering powerful antioxidants without all the ‘junk’.

    Daily Magnesium: Magnesium is responsible for over 300 different functions in the body and can assist with a long list of symptoms including muscle cramping, pain, constipation, anxiety, insomnia, digestion, high blood pressure and more.

    Daily Multi Complete: This is a multi vitamin and mineral supplement formulated based on the optimal evolutionary human diet and guided by the principles of evolutionary biology. The nutrients are sourced to be naturally occurring or bioidentical, which allows for optimal assimilation and absorption. This is such an important product for filling in the gaps of nutrients that you are not currently receiving from your diet that could be contributing to your symptoms.

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